Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture Book Cover.

Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture.

Volume 1

How to Achieve a 21st Century Enterprise Architecture Services Capability.

Written by

Douglas T. Erickson

With Donald B. Phillips

Foreward by John A. Zachman

The Erickson Methodology of Enterprise Architecture describes a methodology for architecting, designing, and constructing an enterprise that specifies what to do, but more importantly, how to it, and why you would want to do it that way! The methodological concepts, principles, conventions, and practices presented in this book have been developed and put into practice for over 25 years; and the results are dramatic and worthy of pursuit by any enterprise.

Enterprises have increasingly employed automation to improve enterprise effectiveness and efficiency. The function, now known as information technology, has been one of the primary implementers of automation technology.

Factory automation technology has made dramatic advances in improving the productivity and quality of products produced on the factory floor in everything from various electronics products to automobiles, large construction equipment, to retailing, and various services.

This book, however, focuses on architecting, engineering, and manufacturing the enterprise itself. The authors share a methodology that will help you achieve goals on time, on budget, and to your specifications.

Erickson and Phillips also outline the differences between enterprise architecture and enterprise management, which can and do change independently of each other. When done well, enterprise architecture will yield better, long-term benefits.

After decades of advances in information technology and IT practices, the issues of alignment, integration, flexibility, responsiveness, cost, and lead time should not be obstacles. Get better results and rethink what IT is and what it should be with the Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture.


It is my opinion that the methodology used on this project to define and understand explicitly (to the excruciating level of detail) the business processes and needs, and then to develop a system that meets those needs has been successful.  From a data integrity perspective, having each piece of information identified by date/time, stored only once, and used as required exceeded our expectations.

Based on our experience this combination of methodology, tools, and skills should be the “platinum standard” employed on all future projects since it produces an exceptional level of quality and efficiency.

Willian Darlage, CPCU, Director, Actuarial Department, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation referring to results achieved using the Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture.