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The Erickson Methodology of Enterprise Architecture (EMEA) is a methodology for architecting, designing, and constructing an enterprise.  The EMEA specifies what to do, but more importantly, how to it, and why you would want to do it that way!  The methodological concepts, principles, conventions, and practices presented in this book have been developed and practiced for over 35 years.  The results are dramatic and worthy of pursuit by any enterprise.

Erickson and Phillips have created a methodology that achieves significant advancements in architecting an enterprise and transforming that architecture into a more agile, effective, and efficiently operating enterprise.

The architecture of an enterprise is based on the product or service the enterprise provides to the market.  The enterprise product or service dictates the business processes it will perform, the skills and competency of the people engaged in the enterprise's operation, and, very importantly, the data required to effectively operate and manage the enterprise.  The effective and efficient use of technology, both present and future, is highly dependent on an enterprise's architecture.

After decades of advances in information technology and IT practices, the issues of alignment, integration, flexibility, responsiveness, cost, and lead-time constrain the ability to manage enterprise change and achieve optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Management are independent variables that can, and do, change independently but exist in a very symbiotic relationship.  A well-architected enterprise is designed for change, enhancing enterprise management's ability to reactively or pro-actively respond to change.

The Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture provides a path to transform IT from technology implementers to providing 21st Century Enterprise Architecture Services!

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